About Us

CWW Tech Africa is an Educational technology company that focuses on empowering Africans with in-demand digital and tech skills. Our range of courses, products, and services are tailored towards equipping African youths. We equip young Africans to be employable and entrepreneurial. Our graduates become mentors and contribute to the CWW Tech Africa community, the tech ecosystem, and the world.


To equip the next 1 million young people with digital and tech skills by 2030.
To empower African youths to become employable and entrepreneurial.


To empower Africans

Our programmes

CTA Cohort Program


CTA Soft Skills Program


CTA Bootcamp


Reviews from previous trainees

The program was amazing, acquired a lot of knowledge from the lessons taught and the instructors were great. I met great peers who shared profound information and made a great team. Thank you for the opportunity!!!

Andrew Kabuswe (Zambia)
Data Analysis Trainee CTA Cohort 1.0

This program opened my path to the tech space and made me believe that anyone can begin a career in tech irrespective of their degree or career path, with the right motivation and hardwork. Thanks to CWW Tech Africa, I'm today a UI/UX designer and I highly recommend to anyone.

Oyedeji Eniola (Nigeria)
UI/UX Design Trainee, CTA Cohort 1.0

Frequently Asked Questions

The duration depends on the program. We currently have 3 cohort-based programmes.

  • CTA Cohort programmes -Duration of program is 6 weeks
  • CTA Bootcamp – 4 weeks
  • CTA Soft skills training – 2 days

CWW Tech Africa programs are virtual training programs that allow all participants, regardless of location, to actively participate


To join any of our programs, click on “Apply as a trainee”  on any of our programmes at www.cwwtechafrica.com


CWW Tech Africa will contact all applicants through email in due course. All successful applicants will be notified

Yes, we encourage all students to apply.